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原歌词为音乐剧《吉屋出租》里的I'll cover you



Sign this agreement,I'll be your helmet

Just pay me back,with one night of lov'in.

Be my costomer-I'll cover u~


Open your door,

I'll wash your hair.

Don't got much champagne, to match your wine,

But shampoo I've got too spare~

And I came with both fresh and sleek ones~


I think they meant it,

when they said you can't buy hair,

Now I know you can share it,

A new lease you are my heir

On hair-Be your heir~








Fall, loneliness, and survive

serious serialization

Just an informal essays/story.


* Bloodydescription warning


A violent jolt pulled Chuck. Hemsworth out of his sweetdream.

He hurriedly opened his eyes and held on to the cup that wasdangling from the table in front of him, but the coffee spilled all over himinevitably.

The confused mind was not fully aroused. People moving backand forth in front of his eyes, the sound of hurried feet, people talking,shrieks, things bumping, the occasional jolt, were all disturbing and swirlinghis brain. Chuck frowned, grabbed impatiently at the white sleeve of whatlooked like a staffer, and was about to speak until a powerful jet streamslammed the two of them together. The sudden descent and impact made chuck'sbrain dizzy and his stomach rose up with nausea, like a worm trying to crawlout of his esophagus. He vaguely heard someone in his ear: "we haveemergency landing... Fasten your seat belts... "At the same time, he feltlike the mouth was buckle by a plastic thing and his hands were also stuffedwith a large yellow package.

As soon as he opened his eyes, he saw the iron ceilingcollapse and gaping a hole in staffer's head, blood pouring from his brain,spilling onto the side wall and being washed away by the water from the crashedfood truck. People were Shouting and oxygen masks were dancing in the air,luggage and appliances were rolling along with the turbulence, every piece ofiron around them was lifted, and they were shaking and screaming uneasily inthe air, as if they would fly out in the next second and cut a whole person inhalf!

Chuck was shocked by the scene, he instinctively grasped theside handrail with one hand, pressed the oxygen mask with the other hand and breathedviolently. He was stunned for a moment before he remembered to reach the bloodyhand of the screaming staff. Suddenly, the man behind him who was in control ofthe cabin shouted, "no! "All of a sudden, the plane was going down,and everything was going up in the air, flying so hard toward back, and evensome of the seats were break off from the bottom and rolling with everythingelse and hitting the back of the plane. Poor people were hit and squeezed byfood trucks and luggage. Blood, muscle and offal pieces were sprinkled all overthe cabin, like seasoning a bowl of blood soup for the gods of death. A twistedhead flew over Chuck's cheek, and he almost let go of his grip on the handrailas he watched the popped and shifted eyeballs. Chuck's oxygen mask had blownaway at some point, and the hatch was now half-open, the unequal air pressureis sucking him out.

He knew what was coming.

He knew he had to do something.

Chuck struggles to squeeze himself into the aisle and asecure corner of the cabin and holds his lifeboat - which he just figured outit is a lifeboat, with the airlock open and ready. "Ready for impact! “Heheld his breath as the blue shapes magnified until he saw the light of theplane reflecting on the waves... "Bang!" The high-pressure jet ofwater rushed from the control room like an unbeatable prehistoric monster,devouring everything with its power, from which no one could escape.  The same goes for Chuck, who is ripped out ofa corner by a powerful jet of water and forced to spin in a swirl. The stingand coldness of the moment invaded his body, and he could only cling to thelifeboat in his arms. After a while, the cabin seemed to settle, and everythingfells to the ground, leaving only a spare place at the top. Chuck tries to pushhis head out, but before he can open his mouth to breathe, the water levelrises extremely up just over his head. He immediately plunged into the seamixed with sweet blood and swim with all his strength with his eyes opened. Everythingin the water was in a mess, with iron plates, food, vomit and, most of all,people's shattered bodies. He had no time to pay attention to the sickeningsensation of the broken limbs of the poor victims of the disaster, but only to heheld his breath and brought out all the swimming skills he had learned all hislife. Fortunately, he was not far from the point where the nose broke, so hesoon found a small hole made of weak pieces of iron and drilled it out.

But when he came out, he found that he was falling in thenose of the plane. The surface of the water seemed so far away that only a fewfaint lights were struggling to come from a distance. His heart kept falling,too, and his limbs were as heavy as lead from holding his breath too long andfrom the pressure in his ears and the slow heartbeat. He felt that he hadaccidentally let out a string of tiny bubbles from his mouth, a little fishysmell from his nose and disappeared into the sea...

“Or am I going to die like this? Sink to the bottom of theocean, become a skeleton, never to be found?”

“Anyway, I have nothing to lose….”


Suddenly, a great force pulled him up, he knew it until thewater ran over his face. He looked up. Somehow the lifeboat had sprung from hisbelt and spread a net in the water. He knew he was holding his breath to thelimit, as if he were going to faint the next second. “I thought I was going todie, but suddenly there was hope for life… But I've given up everything…what anironic.” He now truly regretted having let the air out of his chest. He gnawedhis tongue to keep himself sane and despite the noise of rubbing bones on hisneck, tried to lower his back to reduce resistance. He went up even faster.

As he broke through the water, he felt his heart stop for asecond and start beating wildly. The lungs, which had not breathed air for along time, were contracting violently, each time as if to enlarge themselves.The smell of gunpowder in the air made chuck choke violently. He scrambled ontothe heaving lifeboat, the wet sweater dripping to his skin and shivered as thecool wind blew. He looked around and saw that he was in the middle of a sea offire. Broken wings and parts were sending black, smelly rings of oil into thesea. Some innocent fish are floating in the waves with their stomachs turnedup, being hit by the waves and then falling from the sky What was more seriouswas that now it was raining hard again, and the pea-big raindrops were likehammers, hammering heavily on his weak joints. Chuck was so tired and cold thathe had to hold on to the ropes around the edge of the lifeboat to keep frombeing thrown into the sea. He shrink himself into a ball, hold back thechurning in his stomach, and let the waves push him on to the peaks and then spinhim down with another wave...

When he woke up, he didn't know how long it had been. Theharsh sunlight stuck straight into his pupil, which made him hurriedly lowerhis head to avoid it. His raw eyes were tormented by swelling, as if they hadbeen torn apart before they were completely noticed, he wondered if they wereinflamed. Most of the clothes were dry, the shoes were gone, and there was somewater left in the lifeboat. There was an endless ocean and a few rockyoutcroppings in his sight. The waves, glistening in the sunlight, looked sobeautiful and calm as if she had not done anything so cruel the night before. Itseems like Chuck's planned flight to New Zealand to observe peacocks and lizardsis now, unsurprisingly, arriving at the right time.

 "But I wish itwere truly a dream." "He muttered, looking down at his blisteredfingers.

He reached back and felt something like a hard rock, then triedto slowly prop up his legs, which had been numb for a long time, slowly turnaround to broaden his sight. Well, the environment is good. At least there areno wild animals appear now. Next to it is a shore with bushes and trees. He wastoo tired to even notice his surroundings. He stumbled onto the nearby whitesand, buried his tired body in the warm sand, and fell asleep.


To be continue…..